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3D Printed Protein Model Design and Fabrication Process

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Creating a customized 3D printed protein model is a multi-stage process. Over the course of many days, multiple people are required to both create an accurate estimate and then complete an order. Biologic Models will design your custom 3d printed protein model and manage the fabrication of it during the multiple weeks it takes to fabricate a 3D print.

Determining Costs

There are two primary factors that define the total costs of an order, the Design Service required to create the digital 3D model and Fabrication Cost required to fabricate the 3D model using a 3D printer.

  1. The Design Service covers the costs for our visualization scientist to process your request, prepare the quote, design a printable 3D model based on your request, work with the 3D printing service to resolve any design issue that would prevent successful printing or shipping
  2. The Fabrication Costs covers the actual costs to fabricate your model in the requested material and size.

The Design Service is paid upfront at the onset of the project. The Fabrication Costs is paid once the design is complete and approved for printing by the printer. Additional copies can be repurchased for only the Fabrication Cost.

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